288 Stun Gun LED Flashlight


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conservative and solid shock spotlight. The stun gun has a very vitality escalated battery.

Ensures you against hoodlums, attackers, wild creatures, and so on …

It is especially reasonable for ladies, cab drivers, security watch administrations, providers, specialist co-ops, for representatives of eateries, bars, gambling clubs, security.

Great keeps the battery in temperatures beneath freezing.

Utilize our items if there should be an occurrence of a crisis or for self-preservation!

Compelling even through a layer of attire.

No mental or physical harm to the assailant.

Release – 50000 W

The thickness of the breakdown of dress – 4,5 (mm)

Charging time: 3-5 hours

Number of charges the battery (life): at any rate 500

It has a circuit and a genuinely amazing LED spotlight of light yield.

Measurements: 185x45x28 (mm)

Weight with bundling: 220 (g)

Evaluation: immobilizer electric lamp, charger, bundling, pack on the belt.

Caution! – Do not test the gadget while charging. This can prompt its breakage!