Ashcom 3 In1 Stud Wire Metal & Wood AC Voltage Wire Wall Finder


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– It has 3 distinguishing modes

– Stud Scan Mode: finds the edge of metal and wood stud in typical dividers up to 0.71 inches (18mm)

– Metal Scan Mode: finds the metal, for example, iron, copper and aluminum speak up to 1.18 inches (30mm)

– AC Wire Scan Mode: finds the AC wire up to 2 inch (50mm)

Sound and visual sign:

– When distinguishing metal, wood or AC wire, the indicator has a sound alert and shows a simple showcase


– It causes you locate the correct situation to bore, hanging your racks, TV, bureau, pictures, reflect and so forth. It is helpful in finding concealed metal funnels, live wire, stud, and wooden edges precisely

Simple to utilize:

– Scan on a level plane

– When the stud discoverer finds a stud, essentially place an imprint at the stud’s underlying and finishing position

Working rule:

– This instrument is structured by utilizing the standard of changing the locator recurrence brought about by the difference in the thickness of the accompanying substances on the outside of the article to be tried


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