3D Advertising Holographic Projector 42cm

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WIFI 3D Holographic Projector Display Fan LED Hologram Player Lamp Advertising

Basic Parameters:

Model: Z1

Blade: Single

Input Power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Rated Power: 10~15W

Resolution(Pixel): 450*224

Visual Angle: 160°

Lamp Beads Life Time: 100,000 Hours

LED quantity: 224 Pcs


Support: TF Card and Wifi

Shell Material: Metal ABS PC

Work Temperature: -10℃~40℃

PC Operation System: Windows, Win8, Win10

Item Size: 420mm x 130mm x 110mm

Box Size: 480mm x 150mm x 130mm

Installation Mode: Wall Hanging, Landing and Carrying On


●There are 224 LED beads.

●Cool, three-dimensional, holographic, enhance attention, enhance visual impact.

●WIFI transfers content, which can be remotely manipulated to replace content and upgrade.

●It is small in size, portable and easy to install, and has a wider range of usage scenarios.

●Clear image, easy to replace advertising content, support common images, animation, image display.

●It is suitable for cinemas, airports, shopping malls, subway, city advertisements, exhibitions, and other places.

●Vivid holographic display of goods, dynamic display of product details easy to identify, applicable to the information prompt and application of goods.


1. Please read the manual carefully before using.

2. Non-professional do not disassemble the product to avoid damage or personal injury.

3. The product is suitable for indoor use. If you need outdoor use, please equip it with a protective cover.

4. Please install the product in a position that is not accessible to people; otherwise, you must be equipped with a protective shield.

5. The product is recommended to be installed at a position of more than 3.5 meters, otherwise it needs to be equipped with a protective shield.

Package Included:

1 x Fan

1 x Remote Control

1 x Card Reader

1 x AC Adapter 100-240V

1 x Fixed Bracket

2 x Set Screws

1 x User Manual

More Features:

Use the ultra-high density LED rotation imaging to show 3D visual effects of the display device.

Product imaging clear, flexible replacement of advertising content.

Supports multiple online, so that the playback screen larger and clearer.

It is very easy to carry, can be installed by rotating or hanging on the wall to install, will not occupy too much space.

Fantastic 3D video playback effect, make your advertisement, and new product marketing eye-catching

Suitable for shopping malls, subway stations, exhibitions, parties, bars, concerts, restaurants, etc.