Acupuncture Digital Therapy Machine Electronic Body Massager

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For certain illnesses, the machine will improve your wellbeing in the event that you continue utilizing it, yet it can’t completely supplant drugs.

For first time client, if it’s not too much trouble give it a shot your leg or lower back; don’t take a stab at the chest area, until you feel acclimated with it.

If it’s not too much trouble following the specialist’s recommendation in the event that he had cautioned you about utilizing this sort of machine.

Never utilize the machine on the individuals who have been utilizing the accompanying remedial electronic instruments.

– Heart rate controller and body worked in electronic helpful instruments.

– Artificial cardio-pneumatic pacemaker, electronic life backing and treatment instruments.

– Cardiometer and wearing-on type electronic restorative instruments.

Breakdown or threat may happen for the patients who have been utilizing the above-recorded instruments together with our machine.

What’s in the case

1 x Meridian Machine

2 x Electrode following tips and cushions

1 x USB charging link

1 x client manual (English)

1 x Power connector