Ashcom 1000W/1KW Solar UPS Power Inverter Combined PV Controller & Battery


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System description:

Battery: 150AH deep cycle maintenance-free battery

Output: DC12V output hole for lights

USB 5V for mobile or MP3 MP4 charge

45WH~1250WHpower generating per day

Function: lighting and mobile charge

Working time: 8hrs~64hrs.

Solar panel:10W~300W (not included)


Item Overview:

It is an AC/DC power framework item with advanced design. This item is furnished with autonomous sunlight based three-arrange charge the executives to improve the battery charging productivity and broaden its administration life. It gives all-inclusive 5VDC-USB and 12VDC yield to be generally utilized in little sun oriented force age occasions. Application: Families, School, Stree monitoring, Forest monitoring, Industrial and mining enterprises, Frontier Defense, Sea islands, Pasturing areas, etc

Item Description:

1, Home nearby planetary group applies to expanded burdens since its advanced structure, unadulterated sine wave yield and great over-current security can withstand the heaps with a huge beginning current

2, Home galaxies is given autonomous sun-powered three-organize charge the executives to improve charge proficiency of its battery and understand a more drawn out life expectancy

3, Home galaxies give all-inclusive 5V DC-USB yield port and 12V DC yield to be generally applied to little sunlight based force age events including families, schools, road observing, woods checking, mechanical and mining undertakings, wilderness safeguard ocean islands, feeding regions.

Item Features:

1, Excellent execution in view of an MCU smart control innovation

2, A wide scope of pertinent burdens on account of unadulterated sine wave AC yield

3, convenient and handy 5V DC-USB yield port and 12V DC yield port

4, Solar exhibit and battery basic anode framework input

5, Charge by mains supply for adaptable arrangement (discretionary capacity)

6, Overcharge security and over-release insurance for a more drawn out battery life expectancy

7, Digital meter and LEDs for representation of activity status of the gear

8, Overall programmed security and cautions including AC yield over-burden assurance, cut off


1– Inverter’s LCD display interface
2–“Solar”: Solar input status
3–“Battery”: Battery status
4–“DC Output” :5VDC-USB,12VDC Output
5–“DC Output Switch”:5VDC-USB,12VDC Output On/Off
6–“12VDC Output”:12VDC Output port
7–“5VDC Output”:5VDC-USB output
8– “ON/OFF” Open and shutdown button
9– “Function” Run button

Technology Parameter:

Mode: AL 0.3kw/12v 0.5kw/12v 0.5kw/24v 1kw/24v 1.5kw/24v
Inverter Battery voltage 12v 24v
In-built battery specification 1*55AH/12V 2*565AH/12V 4*55AH/12V
Rated power 300W 500W 500W 1000W 1500W
Output voltage 110/220VAC
Output frequency 50/60HZ
Output waveform sine wave
Charge by a mains supply Rated voltage 110/220VAC—*(“*”mean an optional function)
Charge current 10A(MAX)-*(ditto) 5A(MAX)-*(ditto)
solar input Maximum power ≤25V ≤50V
Voltage of overcharge protection 10-25V 20-50V
Rated charge current 20A
Maximum power 360Wp 720Wp
Voltage of overcharge protection 14.2V 28.4V
Voltage of overcharge recovery 14.0V 28.0V
Voltage of floating charge 13.7V 27.4V
DC output Voltage of high-voltage protection 16V 32V
Voltage of high voltage recovery 15.2V 30.4V
Voltage of low voltage recovery 12.6V 25
Voltage of lower voltage protection 11V 22V
5VDC USB output port  2one/MAX2A
12VDC output port 2 one ports + backboard 12V terminal block (MAX8A)
Starting temperature of the exhaust fan >45℃
Ambient temperature for operation 0-40℃
Ambient temperature for storage -25–+55℃
Operation/storage condition 0-90% (no condensation)



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