Eco Friendly Digital writing pad, Paperless Memo


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Ashcom 12 Inch Eco-Friendly Digital writing pad, Paperless Memo

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Say goodbye to Paper! Eco-friendly writing tablets will substitute the common writing tools, such as memo notes, sketchbooks, whiteboards as well as other tools of writing and drawing, with various uses, conveniently apply it to office, school or home.


Item: Paperless LCD Writing Tablet
Size: 280*185*4.8mm
Main Material: ABS LCD

Panel: Flexible LCD panel

Weight: About 188g
Color: Red, Rose red, Green, Blue, Black, White
Input Pressure: 10~20 G
Battery: 1*CR2025 Button Cell
Reflecting Rate: 25%~30%
Recommended Age: 3
Application: Office, Family, School


Innovative technology, real paper writing effects
12” LCD screen, no backlight, the stronger the light outside radiates, the clearer of the writing board surface displays
POM material stylus, long lifespan
One key erasing, one key anti-erasing, easy to use, the good helper for work, study and amusements
Application: Message-leaving ,math learning,drawing,graffiti,sketching;
Users: Kids for graffiti and studying, Designers for design drawing


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