12v 120AH Deep cycle battery GEL battery for solar


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The battery sealed Ashcom 120ah deep cycle battery 12V are carefully sealed deep-cycle gel batteries, so they have a safety regulation valve, for the escape of gases, which acts only in case of overload or failure of the components. Monoblock batteries Me have a self-discharge rate of less than 2% per month at storage temperatures around 20ºC, which is why they are among the best in the sector since they can be stored for a longer time without recharging. Index increases if the temperature rises.

The sealed Ashcom 120ah deep cycle battery 12V does not need any maintenance and are ideal for electronic equipment, electrical toys, renewable energy, and telecommunications, among other applications.

These batteries have an excellent capacity to recover from deep or prolonged discharges.
General characteristics
· Hermetic
· Free maintenance
· Low self-discharge ratio
· Long useful life
· Temperature range: -15 ºC to 50 ºC
· Improved performance: up to 500 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge
· Excellent recovery capacity after a deep discharge.

· Electric vehicles · Buggies and golf carts · UPS

· Tools, electric toys

· Renewable energy

· Telecommunications

· Positive plate: Flat, with low Ca content and special pasting
· Negative plate: Pb-Ca compensated grid for better recombination
· Electrolyte: High purity sulfuric acid
· Container and lid in ABS
· Valve with an integrated explosion protection system.

Model: ASH720

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 120 Ah

DImensiones: 330 x 171 x 217 (220) mm



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