12V 3.5A 18650 Li-lon Special Battery Pack with Charger for Backup CCTV & Routers


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The battery pack can be customized according to customer requirements, please contact the store customer service.

Cell type: KLS-35G(NCR18650GA-3.5Ah)
Cell count: 3 pieces(3S1P)
Nominal voltage: 11.1V
Charge voltage: 12.6V
Typical capacity: 3.5Ah/38Wh
Minimum capacity: 3.15Ah/34Wh
Rated power: 50Watt
BMS rated current: 5A discharge and 5A charge
BMS function: Overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit protection.
Connector: Red and black wire for discharge and DC5521 for a charge
Package: heat shrinkable PVC, random color
Output voltage range: 8.4V-12.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.4V
Charge cut-off voltage: 12.6V
Charge method: CC-CV
Max. Charge current: 5A
Charge temperature: 0-45 ° C
Discharge temperature: -10-60 ℃
Storage temperature: -20-45 ° C (3 months)
Cycle life: 80% DOD after 500 cycles
Size: 20 * 55 * 68 mm(±3mm)
Weight: 150g(±50g)

– Period: 1 year
– Coverage: Cells, other parts are not covered by the warranty.
– Ingress of water, disassembly, modification, No use Match charger, Short circuit, failure due to personal reasons, etc., are not covered by the warranty.


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