18 Channel 30A 240W Power Supply Box for CCTV Cameras 12V DC


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DC 12V regulator CCTV power supply box, 18 channels outputs with 3 spare fuses.
Maxim output 0~30 Amp total, DC voltage adjusted range -10%~ 10%. Good load capacity, over-voltage protection.
New metal materials, compressive, wear-resisting, reinforcement enclosure structure, convenience, for more safety use.
Every channel is protected by fuse-link, lightning protection, life time> 100000 hours,3 years warranty
Package includes: One 18 CH 12V DC Powerbox, 6 ft AC Power Cord, 3 spare fuses, 4 mount screws, key lock & installation accessories.
Ashcom 12V Power Supply Box 18 Channels Our switching power supply can provide you with more power and more stable performance. Unified control and management of power supply programs to reduce the use of engineering cables, landscaping project routing. DC 12V 30A 360W CCTV Power Supply Box, 18 Channel Outputs is Protected with Fuse; DC Voltage Can be Adjusted 10%, Good Load Capacity, Input, and Output Over-voltage Protection; New Metal Materials, Compressive, Wear-resisting Reinforcement Enclosure Structure, Use more Safety and Convenience; Every Channel is Protected with PTC Fuse, Lightning Protection.

Brand: Ashcom Model: CCTV-360W-12

Input Voltage: AC 85~240V, 50/60Hz

Output:DC 12V 30A;

DC Output Power:360W

Max Channel Number: 18CH

Output Over-current Protection:125%

Output Over-Voltage Protection: AC 275V Size:12.2×8.46×2.36 Inch

Net Weight: 5.8lb (2.65kg)

Wide Application Switching power supply box as a power splitter, Applicable to a variety of dc electronic products. For Example, The rated power of the monitor camera is 4W, As the camera starts at an instant, the current increases and the power of the camera needs to be × 1.3, This is the actual power required by the camera, and then add about 30% of the loss,4W 1.3 1.3 ≈ 7W. The total power of this CCTV power supply box is 360W, 360W / 7W = 51.4, So it can drive 51 4W ​monitor cameras. Product Details & Certification Wire Connection: Input port please follow the line L, N line & GND line connection; Output port, connect the positive and negative electrodes with red and black wires, respectively. Upgrade version: Flame retardant circuit board; Each port has a self-recovery diode; Each port has a high power fuse. DC 12V 18 Channels CCTV Power Supply Box Stable and Reliable performance.


1、1 Piece×12V 30A 18CH Power Supply Box

2、6.0Ft AC Power Cord

3、2 Piece×Key Lock

4、4 Piece× Installation Accessories


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