18″ LED Ring Light With Stand


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This high-quality LED 18″ ring light from Broadcast Lighting is the perfect tool for portraiture, video tutorials, make-up artists, and any social media application.

Brighter than a traditional 500w tungsten and no need to ever change a bulb again!

Heat, don’t sweat it, these lights run ultra-cool allowing you and your subjects the comfort they deserve.

With the twist of a dial, the light’s color temperature can be adjusted.


– Brighter than a traditional 500w tungsten light

– Dimmable

– No need to ever change a bulb

– Very little heat emission

– Adjustable color temperature and diffusion filters


– Size: 18″

– Power: 220V/50Hz And Sony NP Mount (Batteries Not Included)

– Output power: 60W

– Colour Temperature: 3000K-5000K Bi-Colour

– CRI: 95

– Internal Diameter: 375mm

– Outer Diameter: 490mm

– Weight: 1 kg

What’s in the box
1 x 18” LED Ring Light
2 x Filters (White, Orange)
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x 2.4m compact Light Stand
1 x Carry Bag


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