5V Power Adapter 500 mA


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Power Adapter used to provide external power for HDMI Equipment, Switches, Extenders, Splitters, or any type of 5-volt device up to the number of amps listed below. Amp requirements can be more for any device e.g a 1A device can use a 2A or 3A power supply since the device will only use the number of amps needed but if < 5-volt power supply needed this power supply cannot be used. Voltages must match on equipment, but amps can be more on a power supply. Please check the diameter of DC input on the device and compare it with the adapter.


Universal AC input
Low output ripple
Short circuit protection
High efficiency
Built-in EMI filter
Overload protection


Input range : 85 ~ 264 VAC
Input frequency : 47 ~ 63 Hz
Inrush current: 15A at 115VAC; 30A at 230VAC; cold start at 25
Input current: 1.5A Max
Leakage current: 0.5 mA at 50/60 Hz 264VAC input


Rated output power: 10.0 Watts
DC Connector : 5.5mm OD & 2.1mm ID
Output voltage : 5V± 4% (4.80V Voutput 5.30V)
Output current : 2.0 A
Output load efficiency 80% at 100VAC full load; 80% at 264VAC full load
Max power: 10.0 Watts for convection
Adjustment range fixed
Hold-up time 30 ms at full load and 230 VAC nominal line
OL protection 96% to 104% above peak rating
Ripple & noise 200mV at rated load
Short current 100mA at 250 VAC rated load


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