Ashcom Captain Barbossa Desktop Game


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Age Recommended: 5 years old and above
Best gift for Kids
Super suitable for the New Year holiday family reunion happy toys
Select the play mode with Easy, Medium & Advance
Switch it ON and activate the Captain Barbossa
Play the treasure cards with your friends
Use the clip to move the treasure out accordingly but do not wake up him
Captain Barbossa will shut his mouth before you stealing his precious treasures.
Fun with the table tour ~ can also be used with the care of the evil dog Oh ~ (evil dog to be purchased separately)


Open the switch and choose the ease

After the music sounded,

The player in order to use a cat claw clip secretly take a bone,

Remember to gently clip Oh, be careful not to be skeleton captain (or vicious dog) found ~

Once careless too hard to touch the organs,

The captain (or the devil) will suddenly wake up and bite the bite, the scare is very interesting

Super suitable for the New Year holiday family reunion happy toys

Super ramming selling goods, do not miss Oh

Recommended Age
5 years and above

What’s in the box
1 x Ashcom Captain Barbossa Desktop Game


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