Flashing Wheels Kids Swing Car With Music Steering Wheel Pink


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1. Accompanied by the growth of 3 stages: a. Walk-A-Trolley: Push your baby on trips and free your mother’s hands. b. Fence runner: the baby has to learn to walk and the safety fence is more reliable. c. Play car: carry light, play at home, go out to play, can accompany the baby to play.
2. There is no pedal, no battery, no equipment, no brakes, just a lot of fun. The principle of operation of the swivel car is to swing the steering wheel left and right and then drive the car forward. Beside every kindergarten, family, or garden there is a wonderful pleasure here.
3. The safety railing can be opened to facilitate access for babies. (The room has 38 * 26cm), music and colored lights, increase the fun the baby is playing, increase the baby’s rhythm.
4. Comfortable elevation of the seat, (seated is not tired) safety raised back, (anti-backward, protect the cervical spine) to give the baby a more comfortable experience. Large storage space, the open seat is the storage box, you can set up some snack toys for your daily travel needs. Improved composite lightweight universal wheel, thicker and harder, can change direction 360 degrees and convey more easily.
5. Municipal roads, parks, grasslands, braking zones, etc. are easy to manage. Appropriate structure plus high-quality raw materials, strong load-bearing capacity, no longer fear of poor load-bearing capacity. Baby’s childhood is happier because of the camaraderie of the Ashcom swing car.


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