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This new great drinking Golf match-up is a definitive gathering game for all golf fans and for an entertaining night. Play Golf at the table with this smaller than usual golf drinking game for your next gathering. Sink your shot right on time to make others drink. The more you miss, the more you should drink, so whichever way you win.


The best blessing thought for somebody who preferences golf or likes to drink.

This splendid drinking game can be played with up to 6 players.

Makes an incredible Father’s Day, trinket, or office party blessing.

The game is reasonable for Bar or Cafe or even family parties can add increasingly enjoyable to the wine.

This drinking game is a definitive gathering game for all golf fans and for an interesting night.

Smaller than expected green can be played anyplace: Office Desk, Kitchen Table, Bar, Floor, Car, and so on.

Joins two of your preferred things, golf and drinking into one enjoyment and energizing tabletop game.


Material: Metal ABS Glass

Green Board Size: 39.5cm x 24.5cm


Size might be a little deviation because of manual estimation.

Various presentations show a similar picture might be somewhat contrasts.

What’s in the crate

Bundle includes:

1 x Golf Drinking Game Set


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