Rechargeable li-polymer Drone Battery SK602040 3.7V 400mAh


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Do not submerge the battery in the water.

Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries.
Do not mix batteries with metal stuff together.
Do not insert batteries with the ( ) and (-) reversed.
Do not disassemble, dispose of in fire, heat, or short circuit.
Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with the wrong terminals connected.
Brand: Ashcom Model: Lithium-Polymer Batteries
Type: Li-Polymer Discharge Current: 0.2C Standard/1.0C Max
Capacity: 40 mAh Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Energy: 1.48Wh Size: 6*20*40mm
Impendence: Below 250 mΩ Warranty Time: 12 Months
Cycle life: Around 500 Times Working Temperature: Charge: 0~45 Degree, Discharge: -10~50 Degree


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