Solar Powered Outdoor Spot Alarm PIR Detector


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Outdoor hovering Ashcom -Outdoor Solar  Alarm Motion Detectors With Sound & Light Alert For Park Fire Fighting/Deep Water, high pressure, poison Remind

Function is introduced:
1, the four passive infrared detection technology
2, Multilevel signal processing software using artificial intelligence technology, comprehensive analysis, and processing all kinds of false positives
3, voice remind function, can be customized different warning voice
4, professional waterproof design, application, and outdoor completely any occasion
5, double filter system, strong light interference
6, pet prevention technique of digital analysis
7, solar charging technology
8, high brightness flash, more deterrent effect
9, with H/L gain selectable
10, the unique full range of temperature compensation technology
11, strong resistance to interference of electromagnetic radiation

Technical parameters::

Operating voltage / current 3.6V/DC    20uA  with solar charging technology
Detection range 12m    100°
Installation height 1.8m.-2.3m
Sensitivity 2P/3P Optional
RFI / EMI protection >30V/m  500MHz
Voice alarm >95dB
Flash Alarm Alarm with flashing strobe output
Self-protection With tamper detection and the dumping of detection
Detection speed 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s
Operating temperature -30ºC/ 50ºC
Operating Humidity 5%-95%(RH)
Anti-white-light interference >10000LUX
Weight 950g


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