Easy Exercise Wheel


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Twofold Exercise Wheel

Adequately Train your muscular strength with the Ab Wheel. With the Ab Wheel you have a basic preparing gadget, especially for the stomach and back muscles.

With the Ab Wheel the spine and back muscles are not stressed when you train. In this way, the Ab Wheel is one of hardly any uncommon exemptions with which you can viably prepare your adominal muscles without stressing your back and spine.

The Ab wheel is furnished with 2 wheels for a decent strength and equalization and thinks about an ideal exercise for lower and upper abs. The formed handles on the Ab Wheel guarantee ideal grasp.

With this little helpful apparatus, you train all the while your shoulders, chest, and back muscles besides your stomach muscles! An absolute necessity has for the genuine military craftsman or wellness professional.

Preparing abs.

The Lubanzi Exercise Wheel is ideal for preparing the abs. By utilizing the excercise wheel you will prepare stomach, back and shoulder muscles. You can do the exercise on your knees or in a push-up position. The Tunturi Excercise Wheel has handles made of delicate plastic for an agreeable hold.

Most significant highlights

Twofold excercise wheel

Plastic on holds


– Dimensions: 26cm x 23cm x 6cm

– Weight: 800g