12V 750ml Stainless Steel Electric Car Travel Kettle


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Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Approx. 87x220mm/ 3.43×8.66″
Capacity: 750ml
No-toxic spill-proof lip lock, pour-out water without twist the lid open
Heat up to a boiling point (100 degrees, water)
Always fill in water, before plug the 12V cigarette lighter plug on
Only use on a 12V power source (for the 12V model)
The red indicator light will keep on till the water boil, after boiling the green indicator will turn on to keep the water hot at about 90 degree
Safety lid, the water will mot overflow
With this electric heat traveling mug, they can make your coffee/ tea always warm
Simply plug into the cigarette lighter in your car and you can also enjoy in the cold season warm your coffee

Package Included:
1 X 750ml In-Car Kettle

1x 12V 130W Power Adapter


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