Digital Tens & Body Stimulator Machine+therapy slippers

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Lubanzi Electrical Stimulator Full Body Relax Muscle Massager, Pulse tens Acupuncture therapy slipper 4 Electrode pads.

Pulse therapy instrument technical characteristics
1, 100% chips, using the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure better quality;
2. Unique intelligent electric acupuncture, no pain, no side effects, safe and reliable, everyone is willing to accept;
3, magnetic field bio-electromagnetic wave, loosening muscles active;
4, a variety of Chinese medicine massage: rub, rub, press, vibration, etc.
5, low, intermediate frequency electronic pulse can be adjusted, random increase or decrease the intensity of acupuncture;
6, superior computer cable round plug design, connection is solid, reliable, durable, more powerful output;
7, low-frequency modulation pulsed acupuncture, direct lesions in-depth lesions, treatment more accurate and more thorough;
8, digital simulation massage, time-intensity display, operation is more simple;
9, human design, the use of a more simple and quick effect without pain and no side effects;

Five parts: shoulders, waist, knees, hands and feet, thighs;
Four modes: pressing, kneading, vibrating, beating;
Massage time: 15 minutes (repeatable)
Massage speed: adjustable
Massage intensity: 1~8 files

1. Open the battery cover and follow the indicated direction to properly insert the three AA batteries and close the battery cover
2. Please insert the wire plug into the output jack of the physiotherapy instrument and connect the other end to the physiotherapy slippers or physiotherapy patch.
3. Please put your colleagues on both feet to wear physiotherapy shoes or stick the patch on the part that needs physical therapy (please clean the parts that need physiotherapy)
4. Turn the switch knob (upper right side of the product) to turn on the physiotherapy instrument. From 1-8, the intensity increases gradually. When you turn “OFF” to off
5. The machine has four physiotherapy modes of pressing, kneading, vibrating and assault, which can be freely selected according to individual needs
6. This machine is equipped with shoulder, wrist, knee, hands and feet, legs and other parts of the treatment, according to personal needs, freedom of choice. Press the Repeat button and the Repeat LED flashes
7. ” /-” is the massage speed control key. According to individual needs, it can freely adjust the massage speed. If the machine can’t detect the load, it will stop automatically after 5 seconds. When pressing the speed key, the SPEED position on the LCD display will show the 1-9 speed indicator.
8. When the product is working, please attach the physiotherapy patch with two poles at the same time so as to prevent the automatic shutdown when the detected load is light or no load.
9. Turn the switch knob to the “OFF” position and the unit stops working
10. The machine has a 15-minute automatic shutdown function, LED display “-MIN” shows the remaining working time at any time. When the LED screen shows: “0-MIN”, the machine automatically stops working.


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