Makarapo-X3 Safety Helmet With Cooling Fan & Solar Backup


ETA 31 Jan 2020

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It is very hard for outdoors workers in the hot summer. Besides, cell phones often run out of battery. At this time, it would be nice to have a hard hat that can not only charge the battery but also have the function of the fan. Right?

Fan function 80mm four windy pages and low noise
Solar energy charging 1W polycrystalline solar panel
LED headlight 1W high power LED light with lens
Long standby time 1st gear 72 hours/2 gear 48 hours/3 gear 36 hours/4 gear 24 hours
Charging method USB: 5V/1A Solar: 5V/0.2A
Reasonable Front and back proportion weight The same weight in front and back to keep balance
Weight 520 g
Battery 5600 mAh
Power bank 5V/1A can charge your phone
Compass Guiding in the field
Thermometer Display the environment temperature at real-time



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