Numen Escape from the tower of Noctura 30018, 724pcs


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Constructor LEPIN NUMEN Escape from Noctura Tower will restore the balance of Elfendale. Presented in a 724-part set, it will provide the opportunity to free the fox Liska and strike the forces of darkness.

The main build object in the Lego Elves 41194 replica is the three-story castle of the exiled elven witch. Its walls are built of dark blue and turquoise stones, while the walls are decorated with crystals of pink and purple colors. Poisonous spiders – the sorceress’s henchmen – are crawling across the lawn near the Elves Monastery Escape from the Noctura Tower. The most faithful of them even built a prison cell out of cobwebs to imprison prisoners or keep a key that unlocks the shackles.

On the first floor of the castle, the Escape set made from Noctura Elves tower contains the witch’s chambers. There is a yellow sofa on the left side of the entrance. Directly across from her is a potions machine. By activating a special mechanism, the sorceress can pour out vials of magical liquids without overworking herself.

On the second floor of Elves Castle 41194 Escape from Noctura Tower, there is a sentry platform with a wide balcony. On the one hand, the patrol is carried by Hippo, on the other, he controls the Molo crossbow launcher. The roof of the witch’s abode looks like the wings of a bat. They can be controlled, then turning it into a curtain, then into a flying beast, ready to attack everyone.


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