Portable Indoor Outdoor Butane Gas Heater and Cooker


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– 2 in 1 function, set heater and stove in one.
– Automatic ignition switch. Ceramic ignition pin, brass ignition tube, stronger and more durable.
– Magnetic safety valve, safer and more sensitive. It adopts an advanced zinc alloy magnet valve with good air tightness. The magnetic-type gas cylinder which is made convenient, flexible, and reliable in operation. It is Anti-leakage and over-pressure protection. The safety protection function is better.
– Concentrated combustion grill pan, higher combustion efficiency.
– Handle design, more portable and multifunctional.
– Include butane gas cartridge and LPG converter
– Built-in energy-concentrating heat conduction plate to heat the butane cartridge, improve the combustion utilization rate of the butane cartridge, and it can burn vigorously even in low-temperature environment.
– Do not include a Butane gas cartridge.

– Ignition Type: Piezoelectric type with smoke tube
– Gas consumption: 1.7KW(124g)(ambient temperature 20
– Product weight: 1825g
– Product dimensions: 275x275x180mm
– Burner material: Infrared ray ceramic plate


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