Posture Corrector Back Support Brace-L


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– Helps right awful body stance of back and shoulder.

– Posture Corrector Belt Pulls shoulder back to address act.

– Provides delicate back support,Prevention of immature standard humpback.

– Not confining unisex plan for men and women,Fully adjustable,comfortable simple to wear.

– For office persons,Supporting configuration remedies poor stance.

– Posture Correction and Round shoulder treatment of back issues, for example, poor posture,backaches,neck and shoulder pain,curvature of the spine(Scoliosis),Osteoporosis,mild to direct Kyphosis,slumped shoulders,indigestion and sporadic bowl.

– Clavicle Fracture and AC joint Support

– Offload Neurological side effect from Brachial Plexus region

– Support Thoracic spine and CT junction.Stops spinal distortion


– Color: Black

– Material: Neoprene, nylon

– Height:44cm

– XL suit for waistline 100-115cm/39-45inch

Bundle incorporates:

– 1x Back Support

What’s in the case

Bundle incorporates:

1x Back Support