Royal 1150K 105ah 12V Deep Cycle Battery


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Nominal Voltage: 12V Battery Reserve Capacity Minutes for a 25 Amp Load to Discharge From 100% Charge to 10.5 Volts @ 0 Deg C)180
Battery Type: Marine Deep Cycle Semi-Sealed Valve Regulated Wrought Lead Calcium Plate with Acid Electrolyte
Battery Rated Capacity Amp-hour 100
Battery Rated Maximum Cold Cranking Amps790
Nominal Capacity20hr/AhReserve
Capacity180 minutes
Marine Cranking amps (@ 0°C)780 mca
Recommended Charging amps10A
Battery Terminal Type: SAE Post and 1150K Wing Nut
Battery Height (mm)235Battery Length (mm)331
Battery Width (mm)173
WeightApprox 27kg


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