SUN X28 UV Nail Curing Lamp 72W

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72W UV LED Nail Polish Glue Lamp Nail Art Gels Dryer Light Timer Phototherapy Machine


1. a wide range of nail gel clean: LED gel, UV gel, Builder gel, Sculpture gel, and so on

2. USB Port Design: the convenient UV LED Nail Lamp can be associated with a PC, power bank and cell phone charger, which causes it conceivable to do to you whenever and anyplace.

3. Not just for hand nails, It works incredible for toes as well.

4. Its basic 30s,60s clocks let you control the time with each layer. Contingent upon the sort of paste utilized, the client can choose various occasions, ensure skin and eye, no darkening.

5. One of a kind low warmth mode for easing consuming sensation when you are sure nail gels!

6. Appropriate for home and expert use.


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