200W Yachu Portable Lithium Power Station

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NB: Suitable for small home and office device backup only and outdoor; suitable devices laptops, tablets, phones, digital cameras; car fridges, etc

Do not connect to a TV or other devices that require a lot of consumption


Model: BTDHG_200

Material: ABS + Aluminium alloy

AC-rated output power: 200W

Lithium Phosphate battery: 14.4V

Capacity: 12AH

DC Input: 14.6, 2.5A

Solar charging: 12V-30V, 3A

AC output voltage: 5V, 9V, 12V

Dimensions: L:197mm, W:125mm, H:138mm


What’s in the box:

200W Yachu Portable Lithium Power Station x1

14.6V 2.5A Lithium battery charger with SA plug x1

UK – SA Plug adapter x1

English Manual x1







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