4-in-1 Remote Network Cable Test Meter


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A handheld test meter for determining continuity and wire/pin-related faults in the network, telephone, USB, and coaxial cables, before and after installation. The device comprises a main module and detachable remote. To test a cable, its ends must be connected to the appropriate RJ45 (UTP/STP), RJ11, or USB jacks in both units. BNC leads must be connected to the plug on the top of the main module and terminated using the BNC remote jack (included) before testing. Pressing the test button generates an audible beep and one of several LED indications on the front panel, denoting various connection statuses, including crossover. The tester is battery powered, with an LED indicator to show when a replacement cell is required. A carry case is included, for protection in transit and storage.

  • Tests all common network types: RJ45 (UTP/STP), RJ11, USB, and BNC
  • Easy-to-read LED indication for short/open circuit, crossover, and no connection
  • Simple single-button test and audible alert for intuitive use
  • Remote unit stores conveniently within the main unit
  • Battery status indication
  • Carry case included
  • Max. cable length180m (600ft)
  • Battery1x 9Vdc PP3 (not supplied)
  • Dimensions143 x 86 x 26.5mm
  • Weight202g


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