100ah Lithium battery 1216Wh with a 500w Pure sine inverter station (All in One)

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S-2003 product is a high-intelligence solar off-grid or grid-tied energy storage power generation system, a complete set of comprehensive solutions for household lighting, electrical appliances, and other electricity consumption. It generates electricity through solar panels or via the 14.8V AC Charger (PWM controller stores DC power in lithium-ion batteries and uses high-frequency inverters to store DC power in lithium-ion batteries, converting DC power into AC power, pure sine wave 220VAC), which can supply household lighting, electrical appliances, monitoring, office, communications, and other electrical appliances and equipment.


Product application


50W computer 4hrsd (at a time)

35W*bulbs 10hrs (at a time)

65W TV & Decoder 6hrs (at a time)


Equipment name Total available duration (for reference only)

There are 2 internal AC output ports. The product provides sine wave AC

power mainly for household appliances and equipment. Like laptops, IPAD,

small printers, lamps and lanterns, fish tank heaters, photographic equipment,

massage equipment, multimedia, and other electrical equipment.


Product model S-2003

IP Grade: IP20

Operating Temperate: -10◦C ~ -50◦C

Rated power 500VA/ 500W (note: inductive load application <200W)

Output waveform Pure sine wave

Battery capacity 1216Wh /1.2kw

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Inverter output 230VAC±3% 50Hz

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Current: 2.17A

Battery voltage 12.8V

Mains charging 18.24VDC 16.3A Max.


Solar Input Specs

PV Input: 300W

Open circuit voltage: 21.8VDC

Short Circuit Current: 20A

Maximum Power Voltage: 18.24VDC

Photovoltaic charging (PW) 14.4VDC 25A Max

DC output DC- 12VDC 5A/ USB-5VDC 2A

Inverter efficiency >92%


Built-in PWM:

Cut off charging voltage: 14.4VDC

Maximum charge current: 25A


Overload protection Overload protection 10 S automatic shut- off output, 5 S automatic

recovery, and automatic locking for three consecutive times

Protection functions

Battery under- voltage, over- voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, and over- temperature protection.

Display mode LED digital display: battery voltage, battery percentage, inverter.

power, inverter voltage Working environment Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃; Humidity: 0-90% (without condensation) Cooling mode Intelligent air cooling.


Product:483*387*151MM (L*W*H)

Packaging :515*455*195MM(L*W*H)

Weight Net weight: 14.3kg Gross weight: 15.7kg


Packing list

Category Name Quantity

1x 500w 1216Wh Wall Mounted Lithium All-In-One Power Station

1x User instructions.

1x Red and black XT60 4mm²*500mm.

1x 8A adaptable charger 1pc


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