6L Air Fryer




Extra-large capacity air Fryer

Fry in a healthier way with less or no oil. With an air Fryer you can enjoy the same fried and crispy foods with less fat and grease.


Product Specifications:

1. Temperature Control: Easily controlled by LCD touch screen.

2. Quick Reference: The cooking temperature and time of the eight common ingredients are printed on the top of the air fryer for your reference.

3. Removable pot with non-stick protective coating: abrasion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, easy to clean.

4. Easy to clean: The detachable fryer basket and the pan are safe and easy to clean.

Healthy diet: no/less oil, low fat, low-calorie healthy eating.

5. Rated voltage: 220V-50HZ

6. Rated power: 1800W/2400W

7. Capacity: 4.5L

8. Liner material: non-stick coating



1. Due to different lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may differ slightly from the picture.

2. Pre-set Functions are limited to Chips, Meat, Nut & Pizza.

3. Timing & Heat can be manually adjusted to suit cooking needs.

4. Functions and Icons on the Box is different from the Actual Product.

5. Machine rated 6L with a 4.5L food basket capacity.


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