12V DC Oil Extractor Pump


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-Motor: DC12V-13.5V
-Maximum current: 5A
-Maximum power: 60W
-Power supply: 12V- vehicle battery
-Sound pressure level: 70dB(A)
-Diesel/Heating oil flow rate: 250L / H
-Motor oil (40-60 degrees) flow rate: 1l / min
Hose dimension(approx.):
-Input hose: 1.2M / 6mm / 4mm (Length / Outer diameter / Inner diameter )
-Outlet hose: 1.5M / 12mm / 10mm (Length / Outer diameter / Inner diameter )
-This oil-extractor is suitable to pump engine-, diesel– and heating oil.
-And it’s not suitable for extracting: water (no lubrication of the pump), gearbox-oil (too viscous)
easily inflammable liquids (fuel, petrol, etc.)
-The working-period for this oil-extractor should not exceed 30 minutes.
-After this period please Switch off the pump and let it cool down.
-Please use it Always follow the user manual.

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1 x 12V DC Oil Extractor Pump


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