250AH 12V Deep Cycle Solar Gel Battery


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Voltage Per Unit 12V
Capacity 250ah
250Ah to 1.80V per cell
Float charge voltage: 13.60V-13.80V
Capacity Full Capacity(100% capacity)
Max. charge current 36A(5sec)
Cycle charge voltage 14.4V-14.8V
Low-voltage protection 10.8V
Recommended Temp 25 Deg ±3
Operating Temperature Range
Discharge Depth:-40%-55%

Storage:-10 Deg -50 Deg

General characteristics
· Hermetic
· Free maintenance
· Low self-discharge ratio
· Long useful life
· Temperature range: -15 ºC to 50 ºC
· Improved performance: up to 500 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge
· Excellent recovery capacity after a deep discharge.


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