LV03 Multifunctional Laser Level and Spirit Level


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Standard and Metric Laser Level with laser point and measuring tape.

Product Features:
– Projects horizontal and vertical laser light beam
– Locking 8ft measuring tape
– Standard and metric rulers
– 2-way level bubbles
– Laser power on/off

Ideal For Any Job That Requires A Straight Line Or Accurate Measurement.
It can play three kinds of lines: horizontal, vertical, cross lines.
Built-in 3 measuring water drop, which can confirm whether the surface of the object is horizontal / a 45-degree angle / vertical or not.
Laser head can push up and down to converse line mold. there are three stalls that can push.
There is a scale on the side of the Level Laser Ruler ( 25cm, 6inches )
Locking 8-foot measuring tape. Standard and metric rulers. Note that do not force too much.
Use this Multipurpose Laser Level for hanging pictures, installing shelving, laying flooring, hanging wallpaper, and more.


Brand : Ashcom
Item : Auto & DIY
Size( L x W x H ) : 18.49cm x 6cm x 2.99cm
Color : Black
The laser light has an on/off power switch.
Laser max output:  less than 0.5mW
Powered by 3 x AG13 button cell battery (included)


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