4-Way Training Set

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Key Features
  • Soft hand-grips
  • Comfortable non‎‐slip foot pads
  • Resistance stretch tubing
  • Lightweight and Compact‎
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use

Get in shape at the comfort of your home with this 4-way training Set which is a versatile workout accessory everyone should have. It is very common for a home workout for your abs and also helps to strengthen and tone your arms‎,‎ legs‎,‎ hips‎,‎ and thighs‎. Order this 4-way training Set online from Jumia Kenya and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

The tummy action rower tones your upper and lower stomach so that you’re flat and toned from right under your bust all the way down to below your belly button‎.‎ With all the pulling you’ll be doing‎,‎ it will also inevitably firm up your arms‎,‎ and strengthen your chest‎.‎ Your legs will be roped in as well to buoy your whole body during the exercise‎,‎ and in the process, your hips and thighs are given their due workout‎.‎ To adjust the tension of the tummy action rower‎,‎ two tubes usually work best for men and just one tube for women‎.‎ Sit or stand straight‎,‎ pull up the straps and wiggle your feet in until they feel comfortably snug on the pedals‎.‎

As with any exercise‎,‎ proceed with caution by not overdoing it‎.‎ No stretching the tube above your waist while standing‎,‎ for one‎.‎ Also‎,‎ use the right footwear when exercising or just go barefoot for better grip and so that the tummy action rower does not slip off‎.‎

If you want an abdominal exercise to contour your tummy then this simple piece of exercise equipment will tone your abs and help your weight loss goals‎.‎ In addition‎,‎ when used regularly as part of your fitness regime it also helps to strengthen and tone your arms‎,‎ legs‎,‎ hips‎,‎ and thighs‎.‎


  • Contoured foot pedals
  • Steel coil pull-up bar
  • Low tension single tube system for MEN/women
  • Rubber tube pull up bar
  • Portable and lightweight‎,‎ can be used anywhere anytime‎.‎
  • Flattens tummy in just a few days
  • Firms chests and arms
  • Tightens hips and thighs
  • Fully adjustable in a number of tubes
  • Tubes are washable

Benefits of The Ab Trainer‎

  • Firms and tones legs bums and tummy
  • Impact free motion
  • Aerobic conditioning as well as strength training
  • Tightens abdominals‎
  • Strengthens back muscles‎.‎


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