High Power Burning Blue Rechargeable Laser Pointer 5000mw 450nm

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Product Description

Max power:5000mW
Wavelength:450nm (nanometer)
Range:12,000 feet
Housing color: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Lazer Finish: Hard Anodized in Black
Includes:Goggles battery charger expanded lens kit metal carry case
Output Mode:Constant Wave
Dimensions:27mm in Diameter, 210mm in Length
Beam Diameter :1mmd
Polarization Linear: ( 50:1 )
Output Variance:10 % after 1 min.
Beam Divergence:1.5 mRad
Safety Class:Class IV
Batteries:2 x Lithium 16340 (batteries and charger included)
Protective Box Aluminum metal case

The 3000mW Blue Laser Pointer is an extreme beam machine. The kit includes a laser pointer, protection glasses, a wall charger, and rechargeable CR123A batteries. This is the best-built laser we carry and a lot of fun to play with. The beams of 5000mW blue lasers are so strong they can light cigarettes and are very visible at night. 

The 5,000mW blue laser at 445nm and is one of the world’s most powerful blue lasers. Functioning with internal cooling and unlimited duty cycle, this burning blue laser is matched by no other. Also, included are free accessories.

Adjustable Focus – Pinpoint accuracy and spot distance to the target at close or long range.

Improved laser body – Aircraft grade aluminum chassis, fully tested and proven engineering.

Lens Kit Included – Use stunning visual effects with the included lens kit.

Included with the Laser package:

1 Pair Safety Goggles Expanded Lens Kit – 5 Lenses Included Metal Carrying Case 2 x Lithium Batteries



1. Don’t allow the laser beam to enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to the eyes, any contact will cause permanent damage. Don’t use the laser pointer pointing to the crowd, especially in the face

2. Don’t look directly with your eyes or use binoculars and other equipment to observe the laser beam on the remote control. Never let the laser point to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces

3. Please keep the laser pointer away from children (especially the high powered ones) in order to avoid the damage by the children’s contacting

4. Don’t light laser pointer continually in 30 seconds, it will affect its lifetime for prolonged use

5. Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use


Packing List

1x Blue Laser

5x Star Caps

1x Laser Goggles

2x 16340 Batteries

1 x charger

1x Aluminum Carrying Case


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