Abdomen Waistband Corset


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Abdomen Waistband is an ideal corset to gently pick up the extra passions of the waist, abdomen, and stomach while keeping you soft and pleasant.

Hide your defects and win double with point loss.
The clamping and slimming belt is actually a corset that gives you the “hourglass” shape in the middle, without the unnecessary effort of the gym.
It has a double-action as it acts as a corset that is worn through the clothes making your waist look thinner while supporting it.

Wear it everywhere! At home, at the gym, shopping, over, or through the clothes.

  • Gives Body a curvy sexy curve
  • Makes waist look slimmer
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear

Material: Spandex polyester

Packaging Dimension : 25cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 3cm(T)

Packaging Weight: 500 gram

Volume Metric Weight: 400 gram


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