Double-Sided Facial Cleansing Brush


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Product Description

2 in 1, fine soft bristles on one side and exfoliating silicone pad on the other. Giving your face the ultimate cleansing experience

Scrub/stimulate your face skin with this brush to remove impurities, dead skin, fix clogged pores, blackheads and eliminate unwanted oils leaving a healthy shine on the face

Massage your face once a day with this brush to improve circulation and collagen, the best anti-aging secret for your skin!

Rinse face with warm water, add your favorite cleanser, and use small circular motions all over the face area and chin. Alternate sides for best results

The face cleansing brush to help get rid of blackheads on the nose mainly, deeply clean pores, effectively prevent the regeneration of blackheads

Helps reduce oily areas, dry patches, and blemishes to leave skin feeling softer and smoother Gentle for cleansing all skin types, even sensitive skin

Colors may vary – Pink/Blue


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