Eye Massager Eye Lontophesis Instrument

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Intelligent reaction, This product is designed with intelligent reaction, microcurrent touch vibrate, no switch at all. According to the theory of mobile phone capacitive touch screen, only the human body’s skin response. Other contacts, such as hard objects, do not cause it to work.

Humanized ergonomics, The product is designed with humanized ergonomics theory, streamline hand shank, elegant appearance, the comfortable hand feels, and easy to carry.

Import function, Make the essence or eye cream to get the deep ground of the skin quickly improve the blood circulation and lymph eliminate, improve the skin inner circulation, whiten effectively, reduce face microgroove.

Export function, Export the after-circulation redundant rubbish, and impurity out of the body through vibration.

Protection Cap, Considerate protection cap as an accessory to avoid massage head from dust and scratched. The smart massage head is suited for the facial T-Zone area.


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