Fast Heating Soldering Iron for Repairs

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Product Description

Mini Soldering Station BK-938:

Small but very power full and fast(THT),

Fast heating, long life heater.
Electricity saving up to 70%(THT),
This product can be used non-stop for up to 24 hours and its high quality.

High quality and very successful product, For SMD, smt.dip soldering work

1.Fast heating.
2.450°C achievable in less than a minute.
3.Variable wattage from 1 to 18 watt at 50 to 450°C.
4.Electricity saving up to 70%(THT).
5.Short handle for perfect soldering balancing.
6.Long life heater.
7.No leakage of AC volt as soldering pen is working at 12V technology(safe for sensitive IC’s).
8.Electric shockproof. (It is fully safe against electrical shock).
9.Light weight handle for perfect soldering for a long time.
10.This product can be used non-stop for up to 24 hours.
11.User friendly.

12.With small transformer inside can control the voltage very stability.


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