Gamister 50A Smart Battery Charger 12V/24V


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– The battery charger: refers to the 220V power of the mains, which is converted to
12V/24V by the charger to help the battery charge.
– It adopts constant current charging, constant voltage charging, equalizing charging, and floating charging four-stage charging mode.
– High charging efficiency, simple operation, lightweight and small size.
– Widely used for charging lead-acid batteries.

Technical Parameters:
– Rated input voltage: AC120V-250V
– Rated operating frequency: 50HZ
– Charging current: 12V (5A-10A-20A) optiona
– 24V (5A-10A) optional
– Repair mode: one-click repair mode
– Battery type: (GEL AGM) optional
– Full load conversion efficiency: 93% ± 3
– 12V/24V intelligent identification
– Full MCU intelligent control, care for your battery
– Rechargeable battery capacity: ?20AH

What’s in the box
-1x 50A Battery Charger 12V/24V


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