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Fun Traditional 32 Pieces Glass Chess Board Game Frosted Transparent Chessboard

– This superbly wonderful chess set accompanies a 25cm glass board with exchanging iced and clear squares.

– Four rubber treated “feet” hold fast to the opposite side, forestalling harm to the board and the surface on which it rests.

– Not just is this a great improvement to your home, however, it is a completely practical game too.

– The glass chess pieces are an iced and straightforward, assigning each side of play.

– The ruler’s measure 5.7cm tall and the pawns are 3cm in stature.

– Felt bottoms will shield the playing surface from scratches.

– It even incorporates a lot of iced and straightforward 2cm width checkers to make this a double game.

What’s in the container

1 x Glass Chess Set


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