Kemei Professional Hair & Bead Trimmer


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1. Shaving, haircutting, nose trimming, all-in-one three in one.

2. Sharp hair clipper: Easily care for horny hair, select advanced haircutting blades, and easy care for excess hair on the hair, so that you are beautiful on both the front and the side.

3. Floating shaving heads: Light and thin floating heads, which follow the contours of the face, give more shaving power.

4. Refined nose hair cutter head: The high-speed operation of the built-in three-dimensional rotating cutter head eliminates the leaky nose hair, and you get a neat and clean image.

5.Charge and plug dual-use, standby at any time, plug and play, no worry about running out of power.

6. The cutter head can be rinsed for easy and worry-free cleaning, no longer worrying about cleaning the broken hair on the cutter head.

7. Easy to hold.


Material: ABS

Size: 6.5×16.5cm/2.6×6.5 inches

Package Content:1x host, 1x cutter head protection cover, 1x nose hair cutter head, 1x hair cutter head (limiting comb), 1x care oil, 1x instruction manual, 1x USB charging cable, 1x cleaning brush


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