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KW350 is a full system obd2 car diagnostic scanner for VWAudi series vehicles, which allows you to check all vehicles’ electric problems, as well as erasing them by one click.
KW350 is capable of reading fault codes from the engine, abs Anti-lock Braking System, airbag, transmission, EPB…, up to 100 electronic systems that can be automatically scanned by KW350.
Besides, it equips with full OBDII functions that allow to diagnostic and reset the system when the check engine light comes on.
KW350 also covers 4 special functions that you can perform as a professional technician, including Oil Service Light, reset, Battery Matching, Electronic Parking Brake replace Throttle Position diagnostics.

– KW350 is able to enter almost all electronic systems for most VW, Audi, Skoda seat in the market, support read, erase fault codes for various systems.
– Specially designed for VAG users to perform special functions such as oil service light reset service interval, EPB, TPS, Battery Match for replacing an old battery.
– Except VAG vehicles, it supports universal OBD2 system diagnostics for all obd2 certified vehicles when the “check engine light” comes on

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