Multifunction Folding Drawing Board


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Special bracket foot design.
Intimate feet, increase the friction of the contact surface, the placement is stable, and the drawing board is not easy to slide.
Dual-use drawing board.
Double-sided drawing board, one whiteboard, one green board, the green board is magnetic, can be used by two people at the same time (Green board with chalk, whiteboard with marker).
Wooden pallet design.
Thicken and widen the tray, the painting is placed freely, easy to store, and can be disassembled by yourself.
Folding design, easy to store.
Stainless steel folding, closing, or opening the drawing board, easy to store, easy to put.
The groove design is easy to fix and can be disassembled by itself.

The chalks and marker pen showed in the picture are not included.


Painting field size: 35 * 29cm
Packing size: 41.5 * 81 * 5cm


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