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Ashcom Car Covers are designed to protect the vehicle from scratches and sun. The material used in Coverguard is Spunbond Polypropylene, and is used in a single layer format. U.V. inhibitors have been added to help reduce the deteriorating effects of the sun’s rates.

Coverguard is a good choice for budget-minded consumers looking for basic, light weather protection.

This universal cover fits sedans up to 16 ft 8 inches.

Coverguard is a lightweight cover – perfect for indoor storage or mild outdoor climates
Indoor Dust Cover and Mild Weather Protection
Coverguard is a lightweight, affordable cover for when your car is tucked in storage, under a carport, or outdoors in a mild climate.

Made from a single-layer of UV-treated, spun bound poly, it is incredibly lightweight for easy installation and storage, but strong to keep dust and moisture out.

A great choice for affordable finish protection. Like all Coverking fabrics, Coverguard is breathable – this allows moisture which is trapped under the car to escape through the cover, preventing a “greenhouse” effect and condensation which may result in damage to your finish or a buildup of mildew.

It’s engineered to let existing moisture out, and keep new moisture from entering. Coverguard is designed for four-season defense against rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and more.

Besides offering great protection to your finish, vehicle covers also protect the vehicle interior from fading, block prying eyes from seeing what’s inside the car (and acting as a theft deterrent) and help the environment by reducing the need for car washing.

Coverguard is a great choice for all-around vehicle protection outside or in your garage. For extreme rain and snow, you may want to consider Coverking’s Stormproof Custom Vehicle Cover.
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