Ashcom Outdoor Infrared Dual Photoelectric Beam Motion Sensor Detector Passive


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Infrared Dual Photoelectric Beam Motion Sensor Detector Passive

Intelligent power transmission:
independent development of the chip can automatically sense ambient changes

Beam detector for perimeter security

Active infrared beam detector with two beams

Damp-proof and dust-proof
to the environmental conditions to automatically adjust to the radio’s transmit
power, greatly extending the life of the launching tube, while also lowering
bus compatible, holographic spot real-time reporting.

Full-function diagnostics, environmental adaptive, fault lock.

Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification: Using artificial
intelligence fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.

Patent coaxial dual focal length precision optical aspheric focusing

dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, real detection
alarm technology.

optical lens up and down while structural adjustments, to adjust faster and
more accurate.

·Anti-glare up to 50,000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system, avoid glare or lighting of car.
· Unique optical design: optical glass, beam penetrates the special multi-layer anti-environment (such as rain and snow) and other capabilities.
·Automatically increase sensitivity when faced with fog or inclement weather
· Optional dual aspheric focus or secondary focusing lens to achieve a large-diameter light beam.
· Automatic environment recognition circuit (EDC), avoid reflective interference modular
· Horizontal/ vertical optical angle easy to adjust, easy to calibrate.
· High levels of resistance to RFI / EMI capability.
· Unique digital filter circuit design.
· 99% photographic margin.
· Built-in optical sight
· Anti-lightning circuit design
· Use of C-type output device
· Adjustable beam interdiction cycle is more flexible and adaptable
· The integrated structure designed to be able to work in a harsh environment
· Connects to an exisisting alarm system

· No.of Beams: 2 beams
·Install Distance(Max.) Outdoor: 150m / Indoor: 450m
· Detection Mode: 2 beams blocked simultaneous
·Optical Source: Infrared digital pulse beam
·Response Speed: 50 ~ 700msec

Package Includes:
·Two Beam Photoelectric Infrared Detector ABT-150m


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