Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker

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  • 4-in-1 HD Phone Screen Enlarger, 10″ HD 3D Screen Magnifier Bluetooth Speaker mini emergency power bank adjustable phone stand, this is a stylish desktop gadget, the perfect solution for the small screen and low voice of your mobile phones.
  • HD 3D Screen Amplifier, Anti-radiationHD blue-light Fresnel lens, anti-blue light with stereo sound, reduces radiation, magnifying your phone screen display 2-4 times to avoid visual fatigue. Just put the phone into the screen amplifier, you can easily enjoy the home theater-like effect.
  • Bluetooth Magnifier with Handsfree Function Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker, adds a Bluetooth sound system with a diaphragm, louder volume, crystal clear stereo sound, with hands-free function to release your hands, whether watching TV or listening to songs, you can experience the high and low sound effects of the theater diaphragm sound at any time.
  • Compatible with All Smartphones This mobile phone screen enlarger adopts HD zoom optical technology, no battery needed, with foldable and adjustable stands, suitable for all smartphones, ideal for indoor, travel, camping, tourism, leisure, and other places.
  • Great Holiday Gift Choice Simple and stylish design, solve the problem of phone small screen and low voice, help protect eyes from rather a close viewing distance makes and radiation. Great gifts to friends or family who like to watch movies, watch 3D mobile movies with more stereo effects. A Good Gift for kids, help them protect their eyes from a close viewing distance. The Best Gift for the elderly, help them to see the small screen more clear.


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