Auto Dial Wireless Security Alarm Burglar System with LCD Display DIY Kit


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Product Specification
1.Main Panel
Standby Current:25mA
Alarm Current:280mA
Control Range:250-500Ft
Function: Each can be defined as one of the 5 zone types, including Common, Delay, Intelligent, Emergency, Repeat Triggered, Multi-Checked Defense area; Set Password Protect
2.Motion Sensor
Standby Current:12uA
Alarm Current:15mA
Installation Height: 2M; Installation Angel: 60~110
Detecting Distance:5-8M
Transmissions Time1s
Transmit Distance: Outdoor 100M, Indoor:10~15M
3.Door/Window Sensor
Operation Current:8~15mA
Quiescent Current:3uA
Operation Freq:433MHz
Installation:15mm between 2 parts.
Transmit Distance: Outdoor 100M,Indoor:10M
4.Remote Control
Operation Current:10MA
Operation Freq: 433MHz
2262 Learning Code
Work of Alarm System
4 Button: Arm Away Mode, Arm At home Mode, Emergency Mode and Disarm Mode) Sending Distance: Outdoor 80~100M, Indoor:8~10MPackage
1 X GIFT: power bank
1 X Main Panel
20 X Wireless Door/Windows Sensor
4 X Remote Control
4 X Motion Detector
1 X Wired Siren
1 X AC Adapter
1 X Telephone Line
1 X User Manual
free batteries


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