Qulit Fire 16340 3.7V 1400mAh Battery – A Pair


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Battery Li-ion 3.7V 16340 1400mAh

Can be used for Laptops and Screwdrivers

Brand – Qulit Fire
Type – LI-ion 16340 battery
Options – LI-ion 16340 battery
Dimensions – O16, L34 mm
Additional Features – 1600mAh 3.7V

Rules for the use of Li-ion / Li-pol batteries

Lithium batteries are not subject to long-term storage and are designed for active continuous operation. The service life of lithium batteries from the time of manufacture is 2-3 years, regardless of the intensity of operation.

Lithium batteries can be left in the charger and in the included equipment at any time. Each battery is equipped with an internal overcharge and deep discharge protection circuit.

Before storing for more than 1 month, the battery must be fully charged. Store at a temperature of 5 ° С … 20 ° С. When stored in a discharged state after 2 months, the battery may completely fail.

Avoid continuous battery discharges. Frequent recharging is preferred. Constant deep discharges shorten service life.

Observe the operating temperature range. When the battery is cooled below -10 ° C, the operating time of the equipment will be significantly reduced, a battery cooled below 5 ° C will not be fully charged, with prolonged external heating above 40 ° C, self-discharge of the battery is significantly accelerated.


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