Safety Bed Lattice Railing – Classic


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QUICK OVERVIEW: Made from a good metal frame to ensure the baby’s play, Wide legs ensure a solid foothold for the frame. Cover the metal bar with a soft, soft cloth that you do not have to worry about metal rods that can hurt your baby. The cool mesh fabric allows the baby to observe the parents and the baby in the process of following the baby, The folding grid can be folded down so you do not need to remove it when you want to be comfortable when not in use. Easy to assemble and disassemble.Suitable for mattresses with a thickness of 12-20 cm.


Product Description
Bed Lattice Classic Rail
Available in Light Blue Color
Available Sizes: 102 x 44 cm
For Kids Ages: 1-2
Simply install in 5 minutes, lightweight, no tools needed
Material is safe, baby-friendly
Grid design to ensure safety for the baby
Fit most sizes of beds
Made of solid iron frame, airy design.
Will keep your baby safe, not fall asleep
Foldable bed bar for easy access


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