Slimming Massager Pulse Muscle Pain Relief Fat Burning

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Product Description

Function operation, button description :
1. Press the upper left button to turn on the power, and the “sweep” mode displays the top right of the screen (fist)

2. According to your needs, choose different function modes (press the MODE button on the upper right) to have functions such as destruction, automatic massage, squeaking, pinching, etc., or automatically display different functions according to the body parts. There are 8 different functions.

3. After selecting the function (MODE button), press the ON button (upper left button) twice to increase the POWER (power intensity) two small cells (displayed in the lower right corner of the screen), continue to press the ON/Add button to select the appropriate strength for the individual. (Use the left upper key to increase or the left small key to decrease, select the strength that the individual feels comfortable).

4. After selecting the strength, press the lower right button (intensity or speed selection button), switch to speed (SPEED), press the ON button twice to increase the SPEED (speed) two small cells, continue to press the ON/Add button to select the individual needs. Appropriate speed, if the speed is too fast, use the OFF button (lower left button) to reduce the speed (use the upper left button and the lower left button to increase or decrease, select the most appropriate speed for personal feeling).

5. The lower right button (strength and speed switch button) is the selection button for power strength (POWER) and replacement speed (SPEED).

6. When you need to temporarily stop using it, please select the POWER button from the lower right button and press the OFF button continuously until the power is turned off.

7. Usage time: The standard for each part is 15 minutes (the number on the screen is 15, which is reduced to 0 according to time), and it is best not to use more than 30 minutes for each part.

Maintenance and maintenance :
1. Wipe the unit with a damp cloth or a mild detergent, then wipe dry with a dry cloth. Never use volatile liquids such as benzene, thinner, or benzine to clean.

2. Do not place the machine and patch in a place exposed to high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight. Please keep dry places and places that are not easily accessible to children.

Slimming Massager Pulse Muscle Pain Relief Fat Burning

Item Type : Massage & Relaxation

Material: ABS

Application: Body

Weight: 101g

Dimension (Body): 100 x 73 x 24mm

Physical Therapy Electrode: 68 x 41 x 1mm


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